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- Edited by: Markus Reese on 26/08/2011 21:36:43 I completely concur with the ideas of the different ...2011.08.26 21:32:00
- Hmm... most of mine was more exploration based above there. Will need to move that. Another idea f ...2011.08.26 21:25:00
- Edited by: Markus Reese on 26/08/2011 05:56:39 Hi, in terms of the topic, the most that affects me ...2011.08.26 05:50:00
- Pilot EpisodeLots of work to do, need to get some software working, and get my filming area better l ...2011.04.03 02:13:00
- First episode now up, short and not very smooth. Location and software issues result in a very blan ...2011.04.03 02:07:00
- Edited by: Markus Reese on 01/04/2011 03:42:14 Ignore post, I was dumb, a keyboard problem print sc ...2011.04.01 03:37:00
- I would like to point out that they were talking carbon etc because it is the new base for eve. The ...2011.03.27 16:57:00
- Hey everybody. I am starting something kinda new here. Going to be doing a weekly video commentary ...2011.03.27 16:40:00
- Two ideas... one per faction, contest doesn't say only one... Anyways, going for the less popularGa ...2011.03.22 06:30:00
- One middle point of the argument of exploit/game mechanic is that I view it as an overlooked mechani ...2011.03.06 01:27:00
- What horror, It was so lag, I had screenshots that corrupted, no lying. I couldnt do anything. shi ...2011.01.24 05:11:00
- WooHOO!! I received an email 13 hours ago (oops :) from CCP, they are reviewing and pre-qualify all ...2010.12.23 05:38:00
- I didn't think I had problems with my upload a couple nights ago. Link to my submission thoughT3 pr ...2010.12.22 05:32:00
- Actually I wasn't aware to that extent of the 500s. The bigger part of it was the age with the medi ...2010.12.20 22:39:00
- Hi, I had to do some system cleanup, and lost the bookmark for the new design entry. I cannot seem ...2010.12.18 21:41:00

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