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- This thread is da best thread. i've seen FW corps spam local just for the sake of getting lag and o ...2008.09.04 20:06:00
- Everything Minmatar, from Battleships, upward need a boost, but this definitely gets a http://myeve. ...2008.06.11 17:26:00
- Postin' in a thread. ...2008.06.11 17:17:00
- welp made it to page 3 before straying completely off-topic and to rl personal attacks.congrats Goon ...2008.06.02 23:01:00
- This thread is full of giggling idiotsSKUNKYeah, it pretty much is.SKUNK ...2008.06.02 23:00:00
- what about serpentis primeThat's not in Syndicate. But Poitot is. ...2008.05.30 03:35:00
- BRUCE are moving into PC9 in syndicate, various corps are doing their own convoys however on an al ...2008.05.29 21:11:00
- Edited by: Phelan Driscoll on 29/05/2008 21:03:45 Edited by: Mr Adebisi on 29/05/2008 20:56:30 I h ...2008.05.29 21:03:00
- I hear multi-spec ecm works great on ravens, confirm/deny?I dunno but I fit them on all my Hurricane ...2008.05.29 20:41:00
- PS. We don't want your space we're giving it away after we take it. For free. I thought we were g ...2008.05.29 19:39:00
- This is pretty much the only thing in this forum I actually support. ...2008.05.23 22:39:00
- To be fair the RK killboard is pretty good and nearly all lossmails are posted. Not 100% accurate b ...2008.05.23 21:54:00
- The above is the stupidest post I've read in a long while.I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat w ...2008.05.23 20:53:00
- z ...2008.05.23 19:53:00
- Edited by: Phelan Driscoll on 23/05/2008 19:30:24 ccp should just make it so guns don't work unless ...2008.05.23 19:30:00

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