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- Edited by: Yeshmiel on 12/04/2011 07:40:44 Making specific requests, such as class, environmental e ...2011.04.12 07:40:00
- First of all, a ship can be unprobable, but don't get too confident by this ability. Secondly a clev ...2011.02.03 08:06:00
- Very nicely done. Kudos to all parties involved. ...2010.12.02 00:25:00
- Dominix with 3 Large Remote Rep Rigs and some drones 4 jumps from Dodixie and in High Sec for 90 mil ...2010.10.10 20:29:00
- Experienced C5/C6 wormhole combat pilot. Cap stable spider tanking Dominix pilot with 3 RR, Omni, T2 ...2010.09.27 07:36:00
- If you are still looking for pilots send me a PM in game. I can perma run a 3 Remote Armor Rep / 1 O ...2010.09.27 02:16:00
- I wish that CCP fully appreciated the gravity of what they are proposing. Well in all fairness they ...2009.04.03 20:02:00

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