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- there is a reason that just about only capital ships can do it.... Sensor stregth need to be higer t ...2010.02.07 23:53:00
- Hyperion, bar none the most "epic" looking ship.Too bad it's so useless... ...2010.02.07 07:33:00
- All ships in EvE are constantly putting out low-level electronic counter-measures designed to preven ...2010.02.07 07:04:00
- Sounds great, but since you're a Caldari pilot I would RALLY reccomend getting a corp too one you ca ...2010.01.28 06:41:00
- Edited by: William Hamilton on 09/01/2010 02:43:31 Beeing a part of the supreme hotness bloodline o ...2010.01.09 02:43:00
- I think that if CCP really wants artillery to have an impact on the fleet battlefield increasing fal ...2009.10.02 05:03:00
- Rockets need a huge boost, esp the 85 m/s explosion velociy. Combined with no bonus from Guided miss ...2009.08.24 19:16:00
- I use this:too complicated people. tryctrl + 1 for attack ctrl + 2 for return to drone back ctrl + ...2009.08.24 07:11:00
- Thread should be titled "making caldari solopwnmobiles" DO NOT WANT, and I say this as someone who ...2009.08.23 01:02:00
- Y'know I've seen this proposition many times before and have absolutely hated it for various reasons ...2009.08.22 05:52:00
- This is called "Thinking outside the box" CCP needs to read this, it should be done! ...2009.08.22 05:22:00
- Yuppers! ...2009.08.20 06:02:00
- I like these recent chronicles, showing how the Gallente and Caldari are the opposite of what they c ...2009.08.01 18:18:00
- I'd rather:Cloaked ships are now seen by scan-probes but have -50%, -75%, and -90% bonuses to the sh ...2009.07.18 07:53:00
- Poor destroyers... ...2009.07.13 21:39:00

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