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- Quote from an interview: This game just had to be done. The game “Elite” was the greate ...2007.09.23 22:40:00
- What are you talking? He got cloaking to 4, of course he is ready! ...2007.09.18 09:02:00
- It's PvP related so I posted it here: comicBut not at all related to EVE, so OOPE material. ...2007.09.09 09:49:00
- Angel > Stavros (so far!) ...2007.09.01 19:13:00
- Here you can change your signature. ...2007.08.09 10:32:00
- The one who ran away with your caps lock! ...2007.07.29 16:25:00
- You are so posting in the wrong "channel".To answer the question, get a DirectX10 Graphics card. I w ...2007.07.28 16:54:00
- I sincerely doubt CCP would like that any data gets changed on the server with anything else except ...2007.07.27 21:44:00
- Allow referrer logging and try again. ...2007.07.24 21:53:00
- Edited by: Haxar on 22/07/2007 10:05:15 To be honest, instead of walking in stations I would moreov ...2007.07.22 09:59:00
- This thread is so May. ...2007.07.21 12:07:00
- Is getting a sec hit/timer fair for low sec pirate gangs who want to use support ships? Yes. ...2007.07.18 07:56:00
- Some of these EON results are ridiculous. Welcome to the world of lobbying. ...2007.07.16 19:48:00
- Pure Blind, no blobs but enough there to pew at. ...2007.06.27 12:34:00
- Suggestion: Get teleprompters, that looking up and down looks a bit weird ;xI know you are not profe ...2007.06.23 16:13:00

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