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- Edited by: FarScape III on 25/09/2008 16:40:11Hi, good show, I think you are getting even better esp ...2008.09.25 16:32:00
- When I 1st saw MWD's I figured they were for Convenience not to become unhittable with no risk in Pv ...2008.08.04 09:29:00
- about not having a reason to stop enemy FW pilots caping plexessorry if I'm not making sense but, i' ...2008.08.04 09:16:00
- What are the bump rules for General Discussion? Good question. My impression is that it's generall ...2008.07.21 03:38:00
- Edited by: FarScape III on 22/07/2008 04:32:08 EDIT: I rewrote the title of this post from what it ...2008.07.17 09:17:00
- Awesome dudes! Factional Warfare stuff is cool, keep it comming. BTW I got the Tony G book Empyrean ...2008.07.12 07:16:00
- If you are doing missions and you do not bring a warp disruptor or scrambler then the ONLY thing you ...2008.07.06 00:04:00
- Episodes were generally deleted after they were uploaded (each being close 100GB). And if they weren ...2008.07.05 10:49:00
- I want this guy killed until 500 mil have been taken out of his hide.Classic! I love that! Dude this ...2008.07.01 20:12:00
- yeah this does not seem bad at all.As long as we got something I mean how would we have no way to fi ...2008.07.01 20:08:00
- Did everyone get one of these Apotheosis? or are there different ones too for other races. ...2008.06.30 09:03:00
- IMO Tama is kind of like our side to on the garage on the way to Caldari Controlled territory.But if ...2008.06.30 08:56:00
- Uncloaking ships with Depth charge type missilesWould be cool if you could shoot missiles out were y ...2008.06.30 03:37:00
- Edited by: FarScape III on 05/06/2008 23:30:20Ok. Let me just say, this is well acted and well writt ...2008.06.05 19:01:00
- I'm not WANTING to complain per say, but who knows why people need to say something on forums? I'm s ...2008.04.26 18:08:00

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