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- Very nice indeed. I was thinking of writing something like this in .NET but never could get my head ...2011.06.24 09:48:00
- Is this back on yet? ...2011.06.03 11:33:00
- "Are you sure you want to Jettison 1000 kittens" ... This is an awesome feature, it will definately ...2011.04.01 10:29:00
- These guys are awesome, just moved my stuff (1.3mil m3) in under 24 hours via 2 contracts! ...2011.04.01 09:33:00
- bumping ... not sure if this has any point to it though, considering the show of force in Uemon last ...2011.02.15 10:47:00
- I've now had no data since 2011-02-03 18:14:00 and yet there are over 40 pages of entries in the cor ...2011.02.08 10:29:00
- Edited by: Jimboga on 04/02/2011 09:45:46Iece Quaan - great to see another TESTie on here! If you're ...2011.02.04 09:42:00
- Edited by: Jimboga on 03/02/2011 13:09:09 Thanks for your reply Azazel,so what I've done to resolve ...2011.02.03 13:08:00
- Hi all, I was wondering if you could shed some light on a problem I'm having. I've been writing a we ...2011.02.03 10:47:00
- Sending you an in-game message ...2011.01.24 15:59:00
- Just sent an in-game message to your alt,Jim ...2011.01.24 15:57:00
- We're not role players but we have excellent PvP learning and ship replacement programmes in place f ...2011.01.24 15:13:00
- come join OMFG :) I just spoke to you in-game, have a think about our offer. ...2011.01.24 11:55:00
- Hi Janis, we have a big need for newer players to the game with great schemes for new players, we ca ...2011.01.24 10:14:00
- mate I think you'd be perfect for us, we're not renters, we own our own systems and have deployed ou ...2011.01.24 10:12:00

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