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- Edited by: Kelduum Revaan on 06/09/2011 16:26:18 And we have a thread on the new forums, with a gre ...2011.09.06 16:26:00
- Kelduum would love a University that couldn't be wardecced non-mutually. You keep repeating this, a ...2011.08.30 11:01:00
- So what are these 'contradictory' rules you got booted for arguing against?In short, Poetic here was ...2011.08.29 01:28:00
- My application has been declined without an explanation and without even anybody talking to me or gi ...2011.08.27 03:47:00
- EVE University should also be able to provide a mirror if you would like - we already get a lot of h ...2011.08.24 21:56:00
- The medals was a "well, we need one more item" thing, and seeing as the medal system at the moment i ...2011.08.02 15:04:00
- I'll try make this brief, as to not derail Andy's thread further.Within the Uni and the Alumni who h ...2011.07.28 11:23:00
- Andy, feel free to also listen to our recorded classes, all listed on our Wiki here: http://wiki.eve ...2011.07.28 08:55:00
- My first thought was for you to contact Eve University. From what I have heard numerous times is th ...2011.07.26 18:14:00
- Kelduum Revaan,143,28,82,34,91,54,76 ...2011.07.26 07:20:00
- Never mind Goons in high places... there's EVE University alumni all over EVE, including CCP*, and t ...2011.07.22 16:59:00
- Thanks for the input everyone.I like the Red/Green stuff - it makes a lot of sense.Couple of questio ...2011.07.19 10:31:00
- For a while now, a few of our members have been having a discussion on 'Brevity Codes' for voice com ...2011.07.18 09:58:00
- Did this issue get fixed with the new build? It's not fixed as of yet, but I'm expecting it in the ...2011.06.25 18:41:00
- don't open recruit and spam, and you more likely to get 'better' people.Not certain who this was di ...2011.06.22 07:51:00

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