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- 200M sent good luck ...2010.03.17 20:03:00
- 20 shares for me pls ...2009.01.12 20:56:00
- I trade because I care.Hey you nicked my moto from the trader's lounge.I trade because when I log in ...2008.09.20 22:37:00
- This mineral compression nerf is not going to change much really since what is expensive to do is no ...2007.08.12 15:37:00
- It look interesting. Would be curious to attend but can't for this one. Btw, just one tip, you may w ...2007.05.02 22:18:00
- My little piece of advice. First start with simple optiona nd future that everybody can understand a ...2007.04.26 00:12:00
- It is a great idea and I hope lot of budding traders will get a feeling for the fun of trading.As a ...2007.04.25 16:47:00
- As said by the OP, some improvements on the market interface would be nice. I manage more than 260+ ...2007.04.24 08:38:00
- Edited by: Hillesumos on 24/04/2007 21:34:08 I will reserve 100 bonds for 100M. Will send the isks ...2007.04.24 08:27:00
- Increasing profit of the npc trade goods will not do much to entice people to get their freighter in ...2007.04.16 11:52:00
- Dear Drakus,The fact that it has crashed is a good thing since it will make people buy more of them ...2007.04.13 10:06:00
- Hi butler,Let do it step by step shall we.I am interested in the trade and the hauling. Is it good ...2007.04.11 10:21:00
- This new investment sound scamtastic. Honestly speaking, you want to have a good track record and st ...2007.03.30 11:38:00
- Nyphur,I agree with you that the BR are good ships in low sec. However, you do mention that you need ...2007.03.26 13:17:00
- Okay the babysitting bit.I currently compete on two regions and managing 250+ orders (still need mor ...2007.03.26 09:24:00

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