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- well recons should not suffer since they can warped cloaked and that would mess up ne scan resaults. ...2007.05.29 12:15:00
- Well its a simple choice, with the domi you only need to get t2 drones to pwn in it which is about 2 ...2007.05.29 12:08:00
- does anyone have any info on them at all, like what kinds of missions what to xpect and ofc the rewa ...2007.05.17 11:49:00
- Edited by: scrumptiousss on 16/07/2006 20:24:17 i will be there, will slap the crap outta ces if he ...2006.07.16 20:23:00
- Edited by: scrumptiousss on 22/03/2006 00:46:04 Edited by: scrumptiousss on 22/03/2006 00:45:49 Sa ...2006.03.21 21:00:00

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