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- Some of the items you will see in the LP (Loyalty Point) store seem to have high prices. At one poi ...2008.07.21 01:07:00
- You do realize that these requests can be easily handled via the courier contract system. I use the ...2008.07.06 16:55:00
- All of those items are available in the market. Another option you can use is to place a buy order ...2008.07.06 16:20:00
- I appologize, I got busy and didn't see the contract. Please find that I have transfered contract f ...2008.04.14 03:25:00
- Edited by: Joran Dusyfe on 09/04/2008 01:59:42 Contract the Vex in IOAB-R to myself please.I will p ...2008.04.09 01:59:00
- ARDU offers the ability to place jump clones for you. You can contact me in game via eve-mail and w ...2007.10.14 23:09:00
- Yes I set the correct resolution in game and also in the prefs.ini file. Also tried voiceenabled=0. ...2007.06.09 21:20:00
- BTW I did install the realtek windows XP hotfix and latest sound card driver as well. I've tried it ...2007.06.09 07:22:00
- no it plays wow fine. wow is more intensive. ...2007.06.08 06:42:00
- I've seen a lot of issues similar but not quite the same so here's whats happening on my laptop.I've ...2007.06.08 05:54:00
- Depending on the system security level placing a secure container out could be even more of an ISK s ...2007.01.06 07:07:00
- Edited by: Joran Dusyfe on 30/11/2006 06:24:13 I wish some people would actually read the posts bef ...2006.11.30 06:22:00
- SURE! ...2006.11.14 13:16:00
- Firstly, I applaud Rob. He used his brain, his skills, and the knowledge that you thought you would ...2006.11.14 04:31:00

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