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- The correct thing to do in this situation is to get him onto your corp's teamspeak and make him sing ...2009.04.05 08:06:00
- I've noticed that joining a gang severs my connection to any drones I've got deployed at the time. H ...2009.03.27 06:50:00
- I get "eve.exe stopped working" about 50% of the time when I punch ctrl-q to exit. It's kind of anno ...2009.03.27 06:26:00
- Edited by: Oscar Clay on 27/03/2009 06:35:08 Funny thing; none of my ships' guns have made any soun ...2009.03.27 04:50:00
- I hope you know that your que is deleting peoples skills o,O Skills scheduled to finish during Apoc ...2009.03.12 18:40:00
- Same problem here, I used the queue to train Metallurgy from 0 up to 2, and once it was done it rese ...2009.03.11 14:35:00
- Minmatar already have too many ships named after weather, not enough named after Norse mythologyTher ...2008.04.12 20:40:00
- It's not so much that lasers are bad per se... It's just that they use such a huge amount of cap tha ...2008.02.09 07:33:00
- I think the thing that bugs me most about the Marauders is that, aside from the Kronos, they just pl ...2007.10.29 20:39:00
- There's one thing that GREATLY messed up my mind.Look at the E-War frigs: -The Amarr one gets massi ...2007.10.28 13:13:00
- Black Ops - so many people seem to think these are supposed to be super-awesome BS's as well... - ...2007.10.27 22:31:00
- Dear CCP:Please, please, for the love of god PLEASE don't name the Caldari EA ship "Kitsune". That i ...2007.10.27 19:43:00
- one thing that's fun in jita is going "HAY GUYS HOW DO I SAVE MY GAME" in local. "SRSLY I GOTTA GO ...2007.10.06 21:14:00
- So uh, not that I'm not stoked at the prospect of owning a bright red Dominix (red wunz go fasta) bu ...2007.10.06 06:07:00
- oh man i was wathcing the video and thinking "this is awesome but what would be even more awesome is ...2007.08.17 16:24:00

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