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- What we could made or how much we coould earn in time that we planned to play Eve. That and only tha ...2008.03.14 15:25:00
- Edited by: Tafkas Zarathustra on 14/03/2008 15:12:52 Server is up, have fun.API key seems to work f ...2008.03.14 15:12:00
- blabla 4. You present your users with new content every year, basically for free. blabla "Free" ...2008.03.14 14:48:00
- I think the decline, atrophy has set in now. CCP Are not the young motivated people they once were. ...2008.03.14 14:32:00
- Lets consider this wild, imaginative scenario...1. You make a game thats unique in its niche even 4 ...2008.03.14 14:26:00
- OMFG... people... if you're living off scraps of food, unemployed, about to be fired, evicted from y ...2008.03.14 13:56:00
- On that Jita idea, does anyone remember how the heck did Jita become a market hub in the first pla ...2008.03.14 12:36:00
- Edited by: Tafkas Zarathustra on 14/03/2008 12:31:21 Edited by: Tafkas Zarathustra on 14/03/2008 12 ...2008.03.14 12:29:00
- Edited by: Tafkas Zarathustra on 14/03/2008 12:23:11 100% CPU?!CCP ExeFile takes up 104.456k RAM wh ...2008.03.14 12:21:00
- Wierd, but all the lag issues I had on my Vista PC seemed to vanish last night, when I played on my ...2008.03.14 12:09:00
- Dont know if when UI is changed/upgraded its advisable to let users keep their own UI settings, unle ...2008.03.13 14:21:00
- Just my 2c.1. Stayed off the intermediate patches or whatever they were, patched the game only after ...2008.03.13 13:39:00

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