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- Saladin if you’re still reading these forums I hope that you are safe and well. ------ ...2011.02.03 19:37:00
- Happy 6th Birthday Tychus good to see you're still playing. ...2009.05.09 10:18:00
- Supperb!------ ...2009.03.30 21:06:00
- The amount of incorrect information and assumptions in this thread is insane.If you're running Vista ...2009.03.06 15:59:00
- Al jine yer channel gee yis aww kettles n rip the pish! ...2009.02.17 12:35:00
- Good work commentating crovan <3 Good to see a real expert on there Do I know you mate the name r ...2009.02.08 03:29:00
- btw, what's with all the nvidia references? i understand advertising sponsors but that's too muchWe ...2009.02.07 21:23:00
- Tuned in from around 6pm GMT and have very much enjoyed the show seen some excellent match up's with ...2009.02.07 21:04:00
- Edited by: ER0X on 19/11/2008 07:07:18 Wow so many weird people who have fallen in love with Concor ...2008.11.19 07:02:00
- I don't think there is anything else.... Quoting Oveur directly from his latest blog;You should se ...2008.11.06 22:24:00
- To a degree you're right (but you could probably remove the 'TV' from your first paragraph). However ...2008.11.06 19:09:00
- Edited by: ER0X on 03/11/2008 19:14:52 Congratulations to you and your team mate! No more than is d ...2008.11.03 19:12:00
- None of the suggested fixes have had any effect on this problem. I have 3 souncards onboard, PCI and ...2008.05.02 17:16:00
- Good write up Eddz.KIA are a great bunch of guys to have had the pleasure to work with as are all th ...2008.05.02 12:24:00
- Are we any further forward with this issue?It appears that my rig goes into some sort of hibernation ...2008.05.01 07:51:00

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