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- The idea of allowing market interaction from out of game is controversial to say the least and I hop ...2011.07.12 17:01:00
- I'm Ix, and I approve of this message.If I still played the game I'd charge per AUR. Something like ...2011.06.24 18:09:00
- I am -reinstalling the game for the first time since 2009- to send Soundwave an Emergency Damage Con ...2011.06.24 00:38:00
- This may be slightly OT, but CCP Big Dumb Object: Is someone a Culture fan? ...2011.06.24 00:10:00
- Going off the metadata, this document dates back to April. The 14th, to be specific. That's when it ...2011.06.23 08:32:00
- The Playerbase: Well, I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation. ...2011.06.22 18:15:00
- in my case I can look at almost any piece of code and make sense of it as long as the programmer did ...2011.06.18 11:22:00
- make subsciption free for people who run top eve 3rd party services. At least 3 accounts free per pe ...2011.06.17 14:07:00
- As far as donations and things go, and to respond to Hexxx pointing out how much people valued EVE M ...2011.06.15 17:27:00
- That's nice, but I want this badly. I spend a lot of money developing web based services and being a ...2011.06.15 17:00:00
- Some good stuff, some bad stuff. But mostly, too little too late. Most third party developers have l ...2011.06.15 16:53:00
- I have a feeling CCP have abandoned this thread.Would you come in here if you were a part of the web ...2011.05.06 16:17:00
- I may not trust the web team anymore, but the web team doesn't represent all of CCP. I trust CCP to ...2011.05.04 09:38:00
- My god, who ****ed in your cornflakes this morning? It's just a forum. I'd rather have that crash th ...2011.05.03 22:19:00
- You gave us quite a scare CCP, but good for you that you have the balls to own up to your mistakes.O ...2011.05.02 13:46:00

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