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- What other options are there when your war decd, you try and hit them harder than they hit you, all ...2008.03.26 00:27:00
- Hopefully I will post later on how I ganked these guys and sent them packing, but currently I am bei ...2008.03.24 02:40:00
- A great fight to be in guys, and a credit to how it should and can be done, no smack, no moaning, ju ...2007.11.07 01:33:00
- Replied Bl4ck, to your mail ...2007.05.14 20:36:00
- SOLD for 660- told you it was bargain of the day ...2007.05.14 20:11:00
- ending very shortly, message here or in game. contract being done tonight ...2007.05.14 18:44:00
- I know your auction says buyout 450, but if you want to drop it I will buyout for 400 now. This shou ...2007.05.14 15:48:00
- it is in hi sec, slays at present.Thanks for the offer ...2007.05.14 13:42:00
- Highest offer so far, ending this at 21:00 evetime unless soemone gets ba bit closer to the orginal ...2007.05.14 13:27:00
- Offered 500 mill ingame mailHave to beat that if you want it ...2007.05.14 10:36:00
- I did, and I am a man of my word as well.So at the moment you are in the hotseat (havent checked gam ...2007.05.14 10:21:00
- Or best offer of the day gets it. Message me in game or post here please.And please, be realistic. ...2007.05.14 10:09:00
- Edited by: Starrion on 14/05/2007 20:09:50 680 million, straight sale - In empireDone on contract o ...2007.05.14 09:53:00
- Convo me in game (assuming we get a restart today that is !)I will go through how it works with you ...2007.05.11 12:57:00

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