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- Its funny.. I've always had this mental image of some eve players being the typical 4chan reading, w ...2009.06.23 08:38:00
- ITT: semantic arguments ...2009.06.22 20:19:00
- successful troll is successful ...2009.06.19 19:05:00
- Bellicose... I win thread. What is my prize?seriously, you just won a metric ****-ton of internets. ...2009.06.13 07:16:00
- I have noted on several occasions, when the ship of a Matari warrior was destroyed by an Amarrian sy ...2009.06.04 12:27:00
- I dub thee UNFORGIVING!!!! ...2009.05.31 14:25:00
- Talk to them like you was talking to a real dame.What is this... 1938? ...2009.05.31 08:01:00
- Wow, this much activity on a "New Q+A" thread and not a troll yet... color me impressed.(also this i ...2009.05.29 06:04:00
- Just an idea, but maybe make the DDD have a ridiculously long delay from when you "pull the trigger" ...2009.05.12 04:25:00
- Edited by: Luiticus on 09/05/2009 01:00:45 So I looked at the market for the system with the best b ...2009.05.11 07:24:00
- Edited by: Mike Seary on 06/05/2009 11:29:06 Rule one of EVE:1.) Any time someone posts a "Rule one ...2009.05.06 11:28:00
- Just wanted to ask you guys a question. I will be going to boot for the United States Marine Corps i ...2009.05.06 11:20:00
- Oh Lawdz am I witnessing the beginnings of the "Nerf Webs" whine? ...2009.05.05 13:16:00
- drunken bump from pg 7 ...2009.05.05 03:03:00
- Please feel free to give Minmatar Industrial Limited a consideration. Your interests sound EXACTLY i ...2009.05.04 15:25:00

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