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- Lot's of awesome vids made over the years, my fav has to be Kessah's Forever Pirate series. ...2011.04.02 10:00:00
- Explosions a plenty at present!Join R-V-B channel for more info! ...2010.11.14 17:32:00
- Awesome Will (apart from popping the slaved rifter)Keep it up mate looking forward to the 3rd instal ...2010.10.21 20:22:00
- That was really enjoyable. ...2010.10.14 12:09:00
- Cat..I have no idea about bikes and such but I like your posts very much.They remind me of the old e ...2010.10.11 00:26:00
- Are you a total noob and love flying around in frigates?THEN RVB IS FOR YOU!We are total nubs and we ...2010.10.10 15:57:00
- Saturday bump! ...2010.10.09 14:43:00
- Bumpage!More pilots always welcome..Join R-V-B channel, you can also take a peek at our Forum ...2010.10.04 16:34:00
- Bump! ...2010.09.19 16:47:00
- You know you want too!Join R-V-B channel. ...2010.09.05 15:27:00
- RvB right now is the epitome of crap. No FCs, 3rd party wars making both sides not want to undock. ...2010.09.01 18:43:00
- Edited by: Stubnitz on 29/08/2010 11:01:31 If you enjoy fast paced combat, solo/fleet/small gang, t ...2010.08.29 10:49:00
- RvB is the most fun you can have with your underwear on - and you learn to kill people too! Come jo ...2010.08.27 17:02:00
- Really enjoyed the vid Will.Just goes to show what fun can be had and that solo is far from dead:) ...2010.08.26 09:46:00
- Enjoyed every minute, well done CCP and all involved! ...2010.06.20 21:55:00

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