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- Well I'm not going to be a lame ass and try to shoot down your idea.If you think it can be improved ...2010.05.08 07:14:00
- I agree with OP0.0 is no mans land now your paying a rental fee?lol Why doesn't concord come out t ...2009.12.05 10:25:00
- go watch it again dude at the end of the video he puts up a slide thing kinda like powerpoint where ...2009.08.19 12:47:00
- There not?Region sov depends on the success of a console gamer.Yes.They are merging themNot in looks ...2009.08.19 12:38:00
- It was only a matter of time until CCP did a fail of this magnitude.How they expect the mature eve p ...2009.08.19 12:29:00
- What do you expect?Horrible ideas usually spawn threads.Fire whoever came up with merging console ki ...2009.08.19 12:25:00
- NGE anyone? ...2009.08.19 12:22:00
- Great idea If you can draw a planet you get to keep the space and it effects the real game.or mayb ...2009.08.19 12:20:00
- "Sorry I can't help your allianceI got the red ring of death my crapbox 360 will be back in 4 week ...2009.08.19 12:16:00
- its latin for "death of eve" merging your average halo player with the eve community?FAIL ...2009.08.19 12:10:00
- /affirmativeCCP do in fact hate caldari. ...2009.06.24 06:20:00
- The people offering him advice. cool. The people smearing him not coolgo back to wow, the communi ...2009.06.21 05:18:00
- screw the models how bout missile launchers that work as well as guns in pvp ...2009.06.01 12:54:00
- make missiles viable for pvpthat is all ...2009.05.26 10:20:00
- I agree completely with the OP.Misslies seriously suck hard. ...2009.05.26 10:17:00

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