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- To those interested in hiring Ikvar, be aware that he has already won EvE, so he won't participate i ...2007.02.05 03:16:00
- Air bags? A/C? RADIO?!??!DAMN IT! HOW IS A GIRL GOING TO DECIDE WITHOUT MORE INFO!?!? ...2006.06.20 03:21:00
- I just want to thank all the ugly people for making me look so good.cheers to you all. ...2006.06.16 04:07:00
- I am the sexiest woman in Eve, and I approve this message. ...2006.05.25 15:00:00
- STILL ON TOP! BOOYA! ...2006.01.13 02:25:00
- Don't you people know Ikvar is a celebrity? HE HAS WON EVE!! He won't die for the same reason Mel ...2005.12.07 23:36:00
- DECEMBER! ...2005.11.06 22:16:00
- Girl, don't come in here wearin my shirt like that. We gonna have a throw down! ...2005.10.31 02:59:00
- Edited by: Merkin on 31/10/2005 01:08:55 All should worship me. Edit:Looking back, this makes me th ...2005.10.31 00:36:00
- OOO, the mysterious questionmark! ...2005.10.26 11:22:00
- Name: Merkin (AKA Crotch Toupee) Race: Minmonkey Likes: Cute little bunnies, videogames, dashing s ...2005.10.25 07:50:00
- Edited by: Merkin on 17/10/2005 01:37:54 Unfortunately, you can't shoot people in the station lobby ...2005.10.17 01:37:00

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