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- From Cincinnati, but in Cleveland for school. Anybody else a Bengals fanya, what part ...2008.10.24 17:09:00
- Edited by: lootcollection on 26/08/2008 03:57:29 supertwinkey soundboard ...2008.08.26 03:57:00
- Isn't diasho(whatever they are called) mostly ex-sparta? LOL I'm sure tri is shakin' in there boots ...2008.08.24 21:05:00
- Proof or stfu.OK.lag has the better of me now i cant see any more NC caps.... if there are any lef ...2008.08.21 21:41:00
- first in a bitter puppy thread, ohwait :)Mmmmmmmmm... a firm tannin, perfectly complemented with a l ...2008.08.21 21:13:00
- I sense a personal attack there, Bitter. Afaik the overview will not load for me, so I don t have an ...2008.08.21 18:15:00
- *snip* Posting with an unidentified character and characters in NPC or alt corporations in this foru ...2008.08.13 22:55:00
- Now why would they want to do that? They'd end up fighting 5 alliances, not Morsus Mihi alone. I wou ...2008.08.12 21:42:00
- I dare Tri to take the station from an alliance more powerfull than hydra, such as Morsus mihi.Now w ...2008.08.12 19:25:00
- No, one sent to Alexto and now i'm out ...2008.08.02 01:51:00
- contact me ingame or reply here. ...2008.08.02 01:45:00
- it almost feels like they forgot about how badly frigs will get killed by missiles and drones with t ...2008.07.29 06:38:00
- AF's seem like they could be fun post-patch ...2008.07.28 05:03:00
- Edited by: lootcollection on 27/07/2008 23:43:52 The web change will make void on a mega awful hitt ...2008.07.27 23:43:00
- We don't like Cincinnati very much :( Nati rocks. ...2007.11.04 21:56:00

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