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- Edited by: Amaradus Caligula on 25/08/2011 06:28:10 Edited by: Furb Killer on 24/08/2011 09:03:28 ...2011.08.25 06:23:00
- Edited by: Narambatanin on 23/08/2011 07:05:29 Please stop spreading disinformation, the game isn't ...2011.08.23 19:46:00
- Please stop spreading disinformation, the game isn't dieing, and how well the quarterly economic new ...2011.08.23 05:39:00
- While I like the captains quarters, and I would love to see it expanded even to where you could meet ...2011.08.23 04:10:00
- Hi I am Amaradus Caligula, and this is my favorite post on the Assembly Hall. ...2011.08.23 03:41:00
- The only thing i would even consider if anything would be something like a 2 mil SP budget for all n ...2011.08.23 01:14:00
- Why is an abaddon bigger than a archon, but you can put two baddons in an archon? ...2011.08.22 03:08:00
- Out of all the horrible, asinine ideas that get proposed in this part of the forum, this is one of t ...2011.08.22 02:30:00
- Mobile jump jammers. They work like cyno jammers, and they show up on the overview like cynos, and t ...2011.08.21 23:21:00
- Edited by: Amaradus Caligula on 21/08/2011 23:05:04 Not a bad thought, though i fear the counter is ...2011.08.21 23:04:00
- I can accept this proposal because it wouldn't effect me. I would just set up a device that would mo ...2011.08.21 07:12:00
- Can't wait for my hello kitty ship skin that I can put on my titan. ...2011.08.21 05:25:00
- The second postI would make the torps have just enough flight time to fire within 6 Km's of the cap ...2011.08.21 04:54:00
- Dreads need t2 guns with ammo made specifically to do massive damage to Supers. Also they need a "Wa ...2011.08.20 18:41:00
- It will need fine tuning, but the concept is what I want to get across. Right now we are trying to p ...2011.08.20 00:24:00

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