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- The question to be asked now is: Who got the gun? Hasn't been pried out yet.Ahhh, that made my day. ...2008.04.06 15:31:00
- 10:1 odds a fix isn't going to happen until after 4/13/08. I expect they'll wait to see if all the s ...2008.04.06 15:00:00
- Edited by: pershphanie on 05/04/2008 10:02:31 A little side note tho, persh hardly plays and isnt ...2008.04.05 16:32:00
- I Outlaw Jenner acknowledge and apologize for harassment by means of Ventrillo hacking...I hope they ...2008.04.03 21:36:00
- I run the premium graphics at high definition resolution and get never less than 50fps... WTF are yo ...2008.04.02 02:42:00
- i play 2 clients always, and i noticed on my pentium dual core than before each client used 50% of c ...2008.03.31 14:18:00
- Stuffs and things and such.I only quote this because I want to give you credit:You sir have won eve ...2008.03.23 02:36:00
- If your looking for a fight, come have a fight. We are waiting. If your empire huggers looking to ...2008.03.21 14:48:00
- Edited by: Cythrawl on 21/03/2008 14:54:17 ...or we could just do what INSRG does, and jump in half ...2008.03.21 14:37:00
- I'm eating the FPS problem as well. So far, I've lagged in every system I've gone into. My character ...2008.03.14 15:55:00
- Gonna emigrate to Canada so I can play during goon primetime.This is of course a complete lie you kn ...2008.03.10 02:15:00
- Was this all decided at the cookout as well?More importantly: Was OMGWTFYARRBBQ originally created t ...2008.03.09 19:06:00
- Ah, fond memories of running 2 accounts while drunk and accidentally killing my own alt in Providenc ...2008.03.06 13:46:00
- Heavy Assualt Launcher II Heavy Assualt Launcher II Heavy Assualt Launcher II Heavy Assualt Launc ...2007.12.18 14:37:00
- Not sure I think the script still says you can't be reped with the script running but don't have the ...2007.12.03 14:34:00

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