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- Shmaow™ Just a few slots still open. Looking for primarily USTZ combat pilots. ...2011.07.12 14:08:00
- Bumpiddy ...2011.07.12 01:33:00
- Bump for more new friends! Limited slots available and currently filling up. Join 'DDWN Pub' in game ...2011.07.09 22:19:00
- Double Down is recruiting! Join 'DDWN Pub' Channel in game to chat. Double Down is primarily invo ...2011.07.08 20:25:00
- Dear CCP, Ambulation is a dream I have shared with you for years, well done on getting it started. A ...2011.06.25 01:04:00
- Looks sweet! Sent you a mail for the demo, what about a thread of known issues and bugs so we can he ...2010.10.20 21:58:00
- goto: evegate.comuse your login for rafters. account.Check mail.Read my mail.We are US Time Zone PVP ...2010.10.13 19:51:00
- Love Bumps! ...2010.10.07 14:33:00
- Zelot, We have the WH-PVP Alliance you have been looking for. Looks like eve-gate is down or else I ...2010.10.07 14:10:00
- Waiting to confirm completion of alliance creation service.Also see That "Tirnuen" is for sale. ...2010.08.09 22:53:00
- Waiting on completion of service from this toon. Hope this isnt a scam. ...2010.08.09 22:51:00
- Bump for eternal peace (not) ...2010.08.02 20:29:00
- yo you would be a great addition to our corporation, What timezone? ...2010.08.02 20:24:00
- Sent you in game mail.Before you make an decisions please have a chat with me on my vent server.Glor ...2010.08.02 20:11:00
- I for one would like to note that Pub trolls are a very real thing. LOVE BUMP! ...2010.08.02 19:49:00

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