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- Top logis are Guardian (Amarr) for armor, and Scimitar (Minmatar) for shields.Why is the Scimitar pr ...2011.08.20 05:18:00
- It would be interesting if using all Cal Navy mods in a CNR or something, had an extra effect.AND TH ...2011.07.26 06:26:00
- The Phoenix hasn't changed at all. The Moros and Revelation changed only as far as the turret models ...2011.07.21 23:24:00
- How exactly are you receiving capacitor while in triage? Sorry if I wasn't specific, but I was speak ...2011.07.16 01:24:00
- ...Forgive me, but I can't seem to come up with a capable shield triage Nidhoggur to save my life. W ...2011.07.16 00:46:00
- Spoke ingame, sending isk. ...2011.07.14 22:47:00
- ofcourse minny gets the best dictorIf by minny you meant Gallente, sure. ...2011.07.14 22:26:00
- For christ's sake, Minmatar can't be the best at EVERYTHING. HTFU.My only gripe with my Nidhoggur (a ...2011.07.14 22:21:00
- e) Titans have two primary uses: their doomsdays, and their fleet boosting bonus. Each titan can giv ...2011.07.14 15:37:00
- I wouldn't mind a practical use for my tachyon harbinger or 220mm AC claw. ...2011.07.14 15:11:00
- Lachesis ...2011.07.14 15:06:00
- You're talking about the Ishtar. It can complete most exploration sites but it lacks for serious exp ...2011.07.12 17:05:00
- Shipping up to Erebus ...2011.07.11 09:11:00
- One last thing to consider, though it might make a bigger difference on a dedicated gang booster lik ...2011.07.09 20:25:00
- Edited by: Furb Killer on 09/07/2011 07:31:03 Yeah so you made a nice ranking in sniper dreads, and ...2011.07.09 20:21:00

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