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- AUCTION COMPLETE. I've had a very fine buyout offer I can't resist. Thanks everyone for your time. I ...2008.06.23 10:47:00
- Yes, although I'm getting tempted to take the 7.5b offer.Another day or two and I will unless I hear ...2008.06.23 10:25:00
- Just a wee bump for a handy, ready to go and fully geared up fighter. ...2008.06.21 12:05:00
- Thanks for the bids! Keep it up!This guy has been a lot of fun to fly with. He's very effective in a ...2008.06.19 08:46:00
- Hiya Vipes!Yeah, I've had heaps of fun in EVE - but I want my free time back I'm not good at half-pl ...2008.06.18 09:15:00
- Edited by: Father Calistas on 23/06/2008 10:47:39 I've loved my past two years, but with a wedding ...2008.06.17 08:51:00
- I'd love to try it... but installing the server express stuff.. sounds like more overhead my laptop ...2007.12.01 06:00:00
- Ahh, glorious PEW PEW. We don't really care who it is against, but it does make it more fun when peo ...2007.12.01 04:30:00
- Yup, it's a wombat. Needs more New Zealand content tho! Oh, we're opening up for recruitment soon to ...2007.11.17 04:37:00
- War is super funtastico! You can see how we're doing via - but you have to subtrac ...2007.11.15 10:19:00
- For non-faction gear the tool could try and tap into the Eve market tools over at ? ...2007.08.01 01:23:00
- I have a guy trying to talk to me in-game about a buy-out. Continuing auction until we can both get ...2007.07.26 04:07:00
- Just a little bump. Trying to move ships and contract goods to friends is almost impossible with thi ...2007.07.26 04:03:00
- Sheep LOVE Derek ...2007.07.26 00:30:00
- Patch notes today: The game client no longer randomly crashes because of network traffic.DAMN! One ...2007.07.25 21:34:00

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