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- Umm hello, high-sec cap fleet construction? Build a Titan in Jita, use it on one of those busy days. ...2007.12.03 21:18:00
- Doomsday Operation V ...2007.12.03 21:15:00
- was there any cake?The Cake is a lieOH NO WAY?! I dont hear that EVERYWHERE ON THE DAMN INTERNET T ...2007.12.02 22:43:00
- was there any cake?The Cake is a lie ...2007.12.02 22:31:00
- You held up for 12 minutes, but still you werent able to kill a single one of them? Damn, you're goo ...2007.12.01 23:59:00
- "Alliance: Triumvirate." Riiiiight, BOB. ...2007.12.01 22:42:00
- W00t w00t, the brutix uses all its engines now? I'm soo buying one when trinity hits TQ! ...2007.12.01 19:32:00
- Hahaha, that was brilliant! ...2007.11.30 20:13:00
- Get yourself an Polaris ship, roam around in empire and kill everyone. Control empire space all by y ...2007.11.29 23:22:00

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