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- Edited by: Tony Benn on 05/08/2007 13:21:11 I represent a client who wishes to initiate a contract ...2007.08.05 13:19:00
- I like resistance rigs. Whilst aux nano pumps and nanobot accelerators are indeed the best option, I ...2007.08.03 12:13:00
- 5x Heavy Assault Missile1x 10Mn Microwarpdrive 1x 24Km Warp Disruptor1x Damage Control 1x Inertial ...2007.08.03 11:10:00
- LOL x10Look at the currently available T2 ships, and then explain your "LOL". I think you may not ha ...2007.07.29 19:35:00
- Only giving 3 lowslots for the caldari one is not enough.And every bs except the amarr one have the ...2007.07.29 12:30:00
- Edited by: Tony Benn on 29/07/2007 01:00:30 Which trend?That a lot of players just want a better ga ...2007.07.29 00:46:00
- Which trend?The design trend for T2 ships...Amarr: More firepower, more tank Gallente: Drone carrie ...2007.07.29 00:43:00
- There is absolutely no way T2 BS's will be gank ships. They will be Flag Ships (upgrade of fleet co ...2007.07.29 00:41:00
- Edited by: Tony Benn on 29/07/2007 00:31:00 Change the scorpion hull with the raven hull The hull i ...2007.07.29 00:29:00
- How about battleships pretty much similar to their tech1 counterparts, but equipped with jump drives ...2007.07.29 00:19:00
- NO NO NO, overpowered pwnd mobile makes anything else worthless.I can see the call fromthe fleet com ...2007.07.29 00:16:00
- I have only one thing to say.../signed! ...2007.07.28 14:23:00
- Edited by: Tony Benn on 28/07/2007 14:22:08 It would be very nice...however CCP won't want to be in ...2007.07.28 14:14:00
- Edited by: Tony Benn on 29/07/2007 11:35:34 Caldari "Deathstalker" Tactical Battleship (Scorpion Hu ...2007.07.28 12:35:00
- Edited by: Tony Benn on 29/07/2007 11:35:12 Minmatar "Aurgelmir" Tactical Battleship (Typhoon Hull) ...2007.07.28 12:34:00

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