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- How will these changes do anything good? My alliance has only a couple systems in cloud ring, pure b ...2011.04.01 22:04:00
- CCP's priorities, new turret effects that are completely pointless in terms of gameplay. They could ...2011.03.28 22:56:00
- T2 large laser training takes a very long time if you don't already have the small and medium T2 ski ...2011.03.25 08:52:00
- Copy pasta from the previous 3 thread's I have posted this in....I run serpentis sanctums in a navy ...2011.03.13 11:30:00
- Sounds like another incompetent scout...."This system is hot!!!"....Numbers, Shiptypes, location.... ...2011.03.12 03:54:00
- Draek Army vs Hellcats.... ...2011.03.12 03:52:00
- These numbers are approximate, but they give you a general idea. Tank can be reduced via sig / speed ...2011.03.12 03:45:00
- People don't use T2/T3 ships for pvp? What the hell are you smoking. Ever hear of an ahac gang? A Lo ...2011.03.08 13:03:00
- Awoxer's in high sec? OH NOES! Maybe if the 3 miner's were paying attetion then maybe one or two.... ...2011.03.08 12:57:00
- I guess EVE HQ / EVE Mon is to much work for you. ...2011.03.08 12:54:00
- propulsion jamming 5HIC's, DIC's....useful skill....Jury Rigging 5, T2 weapon Spec to 5, Multi-taski ...2011.03.08 08:26:00
- Edited by: Revii Lagoon on 08/03/2011 12:43:56 Jump Drive Calibration 5.....Any capital pilot would ...2011.03.08 08:12:00
- NPC 0.0. Wardec's don't do anything, if local is empty feel free to do stuff, if it's not. Move to a ...2011.03.08 08:09:00
- Sacrilege, basically its an over priced drake, same tank, nearly same speed, less dps, smaller sig r ...2011.03.08 08:03:00
- You are not a game developer, CSM is not meant for amateur game developers. Stop trying to come up w ...2011.03.08 08:01:00

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