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- First of all; thank you for your service to our country (United States) Lieutenant. Its an honor to ...2010.07.10 13:12:00
- Another thought on them; I wonder if they would be enhanced by either adding a high slot to mount a ...2010.06.25 13:43:00
- I definitely do not think CovOps frigs should have any increased offensive capability whatsoever...b ...2010.06.22 15:39:00
- Covert ops frigates can fit covert ops cloaks. That is the only defense that they need. They are NOT ...2010.06.22 15:18:00
- I would like to get feedback before submitting a proposal to the Council on the Amarr--Anathema, Cal ...2010.06.22 14:43:00
- There is no honour in Eve.Finding an honourable opponent is like looking for a virgin in the Amsterd ...2010.06.02 16:23:00
- Sorry, I was called away before finishing my post earlier. My point for distinction is there needs ...2010.06.02 15:30:00
- Certificates give a rough idea of your skill progression in certain areas. They can be useful in yo ...2010.06.02 14:33:00
- In my opinion, 1 vs 1 is any random fight between two pilots and can occur anywhere with any ships. ...2010.06.02 13:51:00
- IMO, 1 v 1 is a random fight between only two pilots, though conditions can be agreed to such as loc ...2010.06.02 13:18:00
- Lol. Thanks for the warning. In other words; big lions like a little seasoning on their meat, ha h ...2010.06.01 16:51:00
- My deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family. When you are ready to take a break fr ...2010.06.01 16:41:00
- I think you need a type of tree that we have here in Texas called; Wright's Catclaw. It is a small ...2010.06.01 02:37:00
- For the most part your training plan looks good. Just don't forget to actually play Eve. You might ...2010.05.29 00:38:00
- Its best to assume that whenever you put up a POS it will get attacked. ...2010.05.27 17:49:00

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