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- Find out from your friends what they need!If they need a tackler, train that. If they need an EWAR s ...2010.09.27 08:59:00
- I make sure that all my characters' training is up to date on EveMon BEFORE I allow an account to la ...2010.09.16 04:15:00
- Eve-gate is supposed to allow you to do most things that don't require you to leave station.......bu ...2010.09.16 04:12:00
- Edited by: Baka Lakadaka on 16/09/2010 04:05:12 Each salvager gets it's own "roll". So running 4x ...2010.09.16 04:02:00
- Reinforced mode leads to two options:1) The attacking force will continue the job and kill the tower ...2010.09.15 11:57:00
- Your corp HQ is just really a place marker - it's publicly viewable, but doesn't require you to rent ...2010.09.13 22:04:00
- I highly recommend the "compare tool".show info -> variations -> bottom of window click "compare too ...2010.09.11 12:36:00
- Edited by: Baka Lakadaka on 06/09/2010 00:57:51 I'm in a situation where my main owns 51% of the sh ...2010.09.06 00:57:00
- It lasts until 1.6 million SPs. Actualy, IIRC, it really lasts until you begin training a skill tha ...2010.08.31 02:16:00
- The cap ships are always 1m + m3, so they cannot be hauled via freighter. The same reason given whe ...2010.08.31 01:34:00
- lol. Autopiloting a freighter? You have got to be kidding me. there are people who do not want to c ...2010.08.31 01:31:00
- Key point on that "16 missions" point. All 16 missions gotta be for the same agent.It is perfectly ...2010.08.26 01:18:00
- EVE Uni for general game knowledge and learning the ropes. Agony for once you understand the basics ...2010.08.26 01:13:00
- Dual tanking is a very specific fit for very specific circumstances.The only ones I can think of are ...2010.08.24 04:54:00
- The bestower is also nice if you don't want to train heavy in industrial. You cant get as much carg ...2010.08.23 03:11:00

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