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- Edited by: AKULA UrQuan on 24/03/2009 05:42:14Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Damage Control II Adapt ...2009.03.24 05:41:00
- Just slightly.... ...2009.03.23 22:22:00
- What about DCU vs Armor plates?DCII tbqfh. Enyo has a silly ammount of structure HPs for a frigate h ...2009.03.23 21:25:00
- I personaly want to know about the new bugs you plan on introducing. ...2009.03.23 15:04:00
- Edited by: AKULA UrQuan on 23/03/2009 14:33:54 (combat) Group of Neutron Blaster Cannon II hits Kr ...2009.03.23 14:33:00
- Afterburning Caracal with assault launchers. Really don't need much of a tank beyond a sheild booste ...2009.03.23 12:30:00
- Remove: TrimarksKeep: Reppers ...2009.03.22 06:02:00
- meh....The T2 MWD is habbit still. EWAR mods are a more effective use of mid slots than tracking com ...2009.03.22 05:46:00
- Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Reactor ...2009.03.22 01:25:00
- It's a silly long ranged hybrid snipeing platform. Really need T2 large hybrids to shine. Only ~8M S ...2009.03.21 21:14:00
- Kronos, with T2 Rigs, has been doing fine for me. Rail fit with Faction Thorium it kills out to max ...2009.03.21 17:32:00
- Or do you want everyone to fly amarr?Welcome to Amarr online! ...2009.03.21 00:28:00
- I've used, and abused, the que system with exactly zero problems so far. Only thing I can think of i ...2009.03.20 23:07:00
- When it works.....It's the greatest thing since sliced bread. ...2009.03.20 14:54:00
- Edited by: AKULA UrQuan on 20/03/2009 02:48:36 Why run? You'll just die tired.To answer your questi ...2009.03.20 02:48:00

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