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- There is no way, and never will be any way, in which a piece of clothing that allows you to keep mov ...2011.08.29 01:03:00
- Please. Stop the nonsense now. Back when, I learned that 1 ISK is more than your average groundpou ...2011.08.28 21:08:00
- I'm listening to the login-screen right now, just because, and find it reminds me off Mass Effect... ...2011.06.21 23:11:00
- As the PVP-goons often claimed in the past; it's in adversity one grows strong. Well, this is -real ...2011.04.17 06:11:00
- It's curious. I've noticed this before with Agnus Dei(Homeworld). I find such tunes incredibly relax ...2011.04.17 04:39:00
- Your point being?Getting crazy in games/forums will hopefully lower the amount of crazy used in ever ...2011.04.17 04:35:00
- Seems to me what you're listening to is a good indication of why you play eve. I dare hope most role ...2011.04.17 04:27:00
- The bottom line is someone at CCP years ago thought to themselves, "self, we should let players wa ...2011.02.18 08:24:00
- What this means is, even if CCP somehow solve the loading time issue (I'll believe it when I see i ...2011.02.18 08:19:00
- Speaking of old RPGs, once this is up and going you guys ought to think about porting it to an off ...2011.02.18 07:38:00
- Still don't understand why to spend years of development on creating one room without any real pur ...2011.02.17 22:27:00
- So are we getting engine trails? really really should with any grafical updateHeard conflicting thi ...2011.02.17 22:21:00
- "Walk Safe" what part of walking is dangerous? Should we expect some kind of drunken simulation ...2011.02.17 22:19:00
- Nice intro to Incarna... :)just, I am worried... are you going to leave that all things you can do ...2011.02.17 22:15:00
- Other places in the world, people live in fear for their lives every day. Here, I yawn myself to sle ...2011.02.17 22:06:00

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