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- Noticed that you say your Exhumer skill is 3 pushing that to 5 will give you an extra 6% per strip m ...2011.08.25 15:27:00
- This is an old list names of some items changed. ...2011.05.27 14:21:00
- Found out how to work around the limit without using multiple spreadsheets. I'm pretty stoked right ...2011.05.12 21:46:00
- This is very informative.Thanks.Can you please describe how to do the same single item import in exc ...2011.05.12 21:42:00
- Maybe EFT can help you.You can add shield transfers onto you to test your tank in a RR setup, that I ...2010.10.19 07:56:00
- Just fly a hyperion. Kinda like Hans Solo in Star Wars with stuff sticking out all over the millin ...2010.08.27 11:11:00
- Say I have the disk space, will there be any performance increase if I run every client from its own ...2010.08.17 19:16:00
- So you have already scouted the gate and decided to warp to zero. Add the gate as a waypoint. Warp t ...2010.08.16 10:09:00
- If you plan on using Data Centers later on, keep in mind for that you need standings with the Minist ...2010.08.13 14:08:00
- Probably means they take turn being the top seller of that item, thus having pole position in the ma ...2010.08.11 05:37:00
- People make mistakes in eve and sometimes you can profit from these mistakes. I will give you an exa ...2010.08.11 04:09:00
- Drop a hard-ever-used T1 drone (e.g. Web drone) with the wrecks. Name the system in the channel. Sal ...2010.08.06 08:10:00
- How many battlecruisers can go through an opening to a C1 wormhole before it collapses? Assume no ma ...2010.08.06 06:08:00
- Find the post with the wormhole guide. It goes into a lot of detail about a POS although it is focus ...2010.08.02 09:42:00
- Nice. For my 16th birthday my dad gave me a Smith & Wesson .38 snubby.On topic ... The PWNGE (?) Tar ...2010.07.25 21:51:00

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