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- Yeh its the killing, because as im using T2 Med drones i keep having to recall them as soon as they ...2010.08.26 12:11:00
- I've recently moved away from 0.0 (reason not related to question) back into High Sec space and I'm ...2010.08.26 12:01:00
- dammit lol,i hate that i called my char Giddions Clone and i now have 11m skill points :( ...2007.11.26 18:27:00
- Is it possible to change your players name?I know its possible to change your portrait but what abou ...2007.11.26 18:23:00
- Heya everyone.After settling in my new home in Denmark ive decided its time to start playing eve aga ...2007.05.29 13:26:00
- 7 mill members, your calculations are assuming all 7 mill are loged in at the same time.Given the r ...2006.12.13 16:47:00
- Why is Jita the busy system in eve? Whats so special about Jita?Ive never been there myself and dont ...2006.12.07 17:15:00
- its 19 devs going around all the systems and shooting every single rat they see after readin this fo ...2006.12.05 16:32:00
- Ok so ive been taking a break from eve due to an over play burnout lol. Anyway i just loged on to s ...2006.12.04 16:09:00
- heya, i ordered a set of eve ccg yesterday, just wondering what the delivery time to the uk is if ...2006.11.23 10:46:00
- Im just lookin at this eve card game and id love to start playing, dont suppose theres anyone that ...2006.11.21 14:16:00
- theres no time window to do it in, im hiting left alt and enter all the time while trying to maximi ...2006.11.03 13:35:00
- Heya,I started eve up this morning and it opened in a window (dont know why because i allways play f ...2006.11.03 13:19:00

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