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- Rifter/Rupture for fun everytime ...2008.10.18 02:49:00
- Probably not the place to post this but is the best I could find.I've been playing since july 05 and ...2008.01.04 17:42:00
- Who needs new graphics, when im shooting its only at red dots with turret effects turned off and ext ...2007.10.17 10:58:00
- Agreed. 1 in a hundred shot of factional warfare this year. CCP need to reed the turret tracking ...2007.08.22 12:31:00
- Who here see's the WoW player wanting to change EvE to be just like it with Area Effects and Buffs ...2007.05.07 17:06:00
- I'd be happy if they got the latest version of evemon up and running personally.As for skill changin ...2007.05.04 21:32:00
- 420m ...2007.04.02 23:58:00
- *snip* Please be less nasty :( - Karass Sayfo ...2006.11.21 15:54:00
- Edited by: Norris Neophitus on 21/11/2006 14:44:36 bugger. wrong button. dont i look like a fool ...2006.11.21 14:40:00
- I'm in a pretty much identical boat, lost a couple of BS by getting envolved with lvl4's when i wasn ...2006.11.21 14:28:00
- Edited by: Norris Neophitus on 21/11/2006 14:21:30 This reminds me of the film Spaceballs where the ...2006.11.21 14:21:00
- I see where your coming from but grow up, the rules don't change in monopoly and you don't play mono ...2006.11.17 14:48:00
- What can i say people say there will be no lag which i find hard to believe since if you look hard e ...2006.11.13 17:15:00
- Ok poor quality TS and ventrilo is generally due to poor hardware or poor setups. The price is cheap ...2006.11.13 16:10:00
- When you break out into a cold sweat everytime someone that isnt your alt enters your dead end empir ...2006.11.13 13:32:00

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