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- Ducky Love,65,77,97,123,139,-119,-59 ...2011.07.24 10:52:00
- "Some players are unable to remove neutral pilots from the overview."I can't get them ON my overview ...2011.01.21 23:54:00
- It also means that the default character gets attributes 20/20/20/20/19 (Charisma being one point lo ...2010.11.26 15:16:00
- When using the Assets window i used to be able to go to search tab and enter in string.. Station.The ...2010.11.07 16:51:00
- How long have you been playing? 7 monthsHave you ever been in low sec? Couple of timesDo you run m ...2010.07.14 13:51:00
- Never had the same adrenaline rush running missions, as i did getting my ass kicked in pvp..I hope t ...2010.06.20 09:35:00
- Hi the planets i seeded are coming along nicely. Making the planet white by setting resource bar to ...2010.06.09 13:00:00

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