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- I hope they fix the client so it won't hide behind the taskbar again. ...2010.12.02 02:38:00
- Did you seriously read that and quote it without making the connection that no mod changes and mods ...2010.02.09 21:23:00
- You want PvE (missions only) to be more interesting in EvE? Here's the answer:Essentially the mechan ...2010.02.09 17:20:00
- To understand why PvE in EvE is so boring, compare it to MMOs in which PvE is actually bearable or, ...2010.02.09 00:34:00
- I run several clients, all from separate install directories on two different drives, and it runs be ...2010.01.30 03:33:00
- so your gripe is that you don't like people being able to make money in their own little world. your ...2010.01.11 13:41:00
- GO DEPLOY EACH OTHER IN DRONE SPACE! ...2010.01.11 06:16:00
- Waaaaaaahhhhh ...2010.01.09 22:57:00
- I'm the only one logged in right now. I'm taking everyone's stuffs. ...2010.01.09 22:42:00
- I collected one from each of my alt accounts. BTW, if you repackage one that was assembled and trade ...2009.12.24 18:40:00
- Yeah it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that an agent can send a mission request that shows up in ...2009.08.12 18:33:00
- Edited by: Gautan Virdamot on 11/08/2009 22:01:10Like I said I welcome an argument but you don't hav ...2009.08.12 18:25:00
- Like I said I welcome an argument but you don't have one, you have assumptions grabbed mid air and p ...2009.08.11 19:32:00
- If you don't want people voicing opinions in your thread on a public forum, I strongly suggest you s ...2009.08.11 03:13:00
- No I'm not, I'm saying the people you're worried will abuse the system already does via character tr ...2009.08.07 15:17:00

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