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- Edited by: Archestratidas on 18/05/2011 01:27:12 You know what would also give a performance increa ...2011.05.18 01:23:00
- Yeah, there's the performance increase too.Hallalujah! ...2011.05.18 00:59:00
- >>The show info page won’t show another players standing to EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE. From now on, ...2011.05.18 00:49:00
- There's been some banter about staging a 2000-man fleet battle in Jita to let highsec-dwellers know ...2011.03.22 23:47:00
- please make the player/corp show info screens *never* default to the standings tab, as this can caus ...2011.03.17 01:18:00
- pvp is the same as its always been. people that think the 'fundamental nature' of pvp has changed o ...2011.03.01 03:48:00
- Seriously, I can't be the only one that spends half my day clicking Show Info on neutrals in lowsec/ ...2011.02.11 22:33:00
- "Inconvenience":Rightclicking->Show Info on people in local sometimes pops up a show info box defaul ...2011.02.10 22:12:00
- Cloaking IV - for Covert Ops Cloaks; no reason you should not already have thisCovert Ops IV - for s ...2011.02.09 01:06:00
- 1. Cyvok - couldnt shut up, first to loose a titan 2. Sirmolle, again, cant shut up, looses his r ...2011.02.03 06:16:00
- Ironically, something similar happens in real life markets, wherein 'false' trade orders are made to ...2011.02.02 01:14:00
- Nice changes. What would be really great is if you could select from the item quality tier.E.g., ha ...2011.01.29 23:25:00
- 1) a setting such that portraits never load on the local member list (even when you right click->sho ...2011.01.10 21:51:00
- b) make the player/corp show info screens *never* default to the standings tab, as this can cause cl ...2011.01.07 05:50:00
- While you're at it, how about making the following changes:a) make a setting such that portraits nev ...2011.01.07 01:23:00

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