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- Please confirm current high bid and auction close for me. ...2009.10.13 08:03:00
- I can provide the appropriate ME0/PE0 BPC you require, contact me in game. ...2009.07.21 01:48:00
- 23b give or take to FRPB (Selling FRPB at 50% face value! Quick, buy yours now!) 4b or thereabout ...2009.07.15 18:25:00
- I'll buy them all, drop me a line ingame. ...2009.06.25 09:32:00
- Whilst I may have quoted your post in this thread, it was a general comment about your posting habit ...2009.05.25 01:24:00
- I dont pipe up often on these forums but I read them religiously and honestly, Ji Sama, this isn't C ...2009.05.24 15:04:00
- why not consider what to use the extra capacity for...How about...- Reducing lag - improving ...2009.05.04 09:37:00
- Willing to sit on shares and monitor votes. And congrats on the new rugrat, I didn't know that was ...2009.04.29 15:17:00
- I do lots of logistics as most of you already know. The only way I've found for it to work for me w ...2009.04.25 13:22:00
- 25b @ 4% to replace existng ebank redraw facilities (my permission to talk to ricdics about ebank h ...2009.04.21 06:10:00
- No no, PF- is a terrible place, full of other carebears vendoring their products, you wont make any ...2009.03.30 23:35:00
- How does this work hand-in-glove with your attempt to get banned from your C&P posting? What alt ar ...2009.03.30 11:17:00
- Wow, sphynx! Make sure you read your alt corp's evemail. :D ...2009.03.30 00:09:00
- I think your figures are low. ...2009.03.27 00:36:00
- Now to clarify, do I have to rent offices at a station to share a deliveries hanger amongst a group ...2009.03.23 13:32:00

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