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- Or, the Jove "assimilated" this technology to use themsleves, in the fashion I described.. This mak ...2011.09.04 12:46:00
- Interesting thread is interesting.Roga, you did look at the previous and next episodes of "Space See ...2011.09.01 00:34:00
- Added número siete to the OP.El siete (7) es el número natural que sigue al seis y precede al ocho. ...2011.08.30 22:34:00
- Damn, now just hope no one saw that. I blame the new and improved Google that failed to point out my ...2011.08.27 01:49:00
- Edited by: Auwnie Morohe on 27/08/2011 01:42:41 Abre Los Ojos ...2011.08.26 11:30:00
- Bumb ...2011.08.16 22:30:00
- No, it really is Everyone Versus Everyone.Some Dev mentioned it in the early 2000's I think.It was t ...2011.08.11 11:26:00
- News Flash : New stuff happens. The plot thickens. ...2011.08.09 23:06:00
- Everyone Versus Everyone. I like this but I hope there is a little more to it.When considering wha ...2011.08.09 19:05:00
- There's a whole alliance based on that - talocan united. Sadly, assuming the alliance is playing a ...2011.08.03 22:45:00
- The point is to not stay focused on the one aspect but to keep your ideas on your little notepad and ...2011.07.31 22:59:00
- Haseo Antares : Yes interesting observations. There are more one could make with regards to the word ...2011.07.30 21:17:00
- Zephyr, really? That is so 2010. Time to start running again. Thanks Wyke.Something about a hare and ...2011.07.29 12:02:00
- I'm struggling to figure out what the purpose of the Arek'jaalan? At first I thought I had it, it wa ...2011.07.29 11:16:00
- I hope everyone here understands these chronicles arent DUST chronicles they are New Eden chronicles ...2011.07.27 11:22:00

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