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- Dread Guristas Ballistic Control System - 95m Dread Guristas Warp Scrambler - 17m Dread Guristas S ...2009.10.01 15:06:00
- Edited by: Seltius on 28/09/2009 19:26:05 Would you take 210mil for 2 of them? If so contract them ...2009.09.28 19:26:00
- Yes yes! We must do everything in our power to protect people from their own stupidity!No other MMO ...2009.09.09 15:08:00
- I am looking for different rigs for a Tengu. I am trying to fit a Tengu for pve. Maybe for WH or lev ...2009.09.06 00:26:00
- I am thinking about trying it out in PVP at the moment it would be small gang ops probably. At first ...2009.08.19 14:46:00
- This begs the question - why on earth would you make flying a Cerberus a goal? Im working up my Cal ...2009.08.18 17:52:00
- I was looking at this ship and I know the basic skills needed to fly this ship. I was wondering what ...2009.08.18 14:43:00
- Thanks for all the feedback. I like that Tengu I too am wondering about the final pricetag on that f ...2009.08.17 14:10:00
- I did 2 missions for the level 2 agent in same station and then the R&D agent gave me the option to ...2009.08.11 16:50:00
- This is a thread that hits on something I encountered sunday. I have Gravitron Physics 3 and I found ...2009.08.10 18:35:00
- Thanks for all the information gave me alot to think about and alot to work with. ...2009.08.10 17:07:00
- Ive been training Caldari ships for a while now and im trying to figure out what direction I should ...2009.08.07 16:26:00

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