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- check out the wreck and salvage database only had a few submissions s ...2007.06.21 11:03:00
- i can confirm that this works a treat. it was doing my bloody nut in! ...2007.06.21 08:40:00
- it was brought in in an attempt to reduce server load. since most people would make a ****load of bo ...2007.06.20 23:58:00
- thats totaly sucky, Worlds collide was a great mission solo to kee you going for a good few hours or ...2007.06.20 23:48:00
- i think its going to take a week or so for the markets to work out what is going on, already some ta ...2007.06.20 23:39:00
- it was bad enough that me and a DB guy got dragged out of a bar to addresses this.**** me...this IS ...2007.06.20 23:32:00
- I just want to login and have fun playing EVE and not to be made to feel bad about myself and the th ...2007.06.19 20:35:00
- i thought it was ok, it showed an incredible sence of scale that doexnt easily translate when you ju ...2007.06.19 20:14:00
- i would say then that the value of LP is about to drop. if people can get things like connections bo ...2007.06.18 13:57:00
- im at work tuesday for 12 hours so im not mission out so much which is cool. not sure what i'll do w ...2007.06.18 13:18:00
- Had some good convos with potential new members today, join them and us at Incoheent. Play the game, ...2007.06.17 18:01:00
- On my to-do list. We hates it, precious...oo he called me precious :D nice to see that its at least ...2007.06.15 12:04:00
- it would be nice to see a t2 variant of the freighter. the transporter is the t2 version of the indu ...2007.06.15 08:45:00
- last night i got my 4th ever important mission. bearin in mind one was a trade mission and two were ...2007.06.15 08:30:00
- the abilty to share lp and so on is long long overdue, but i was a little dismayed to see that when ...2007.06.15 08:28:00

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