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- I just checked my damnation. I have 5 launchers equipped and I'm able to undock with that setup, but ...2011.07.10 04:41:00
- Harrisburg, PA. Really anywhere in the area would be fine, but in IMAX at the witaker center would r ...2010.12.13 20:33:00
- I'll be in Boston that whole weekend for PAX East. A meetup would be awesome. Also glad there will b ...2010.01.31 15:22:00
- December '05. Back when warp to zero was just a dream and insta's ruled the world. ...2009.12.31 17:15:00
- What was the peak damage done to the Titan? ...2009.09.20 00:34:00
- I was there an hour before start and there were already a good number of people there. I highly reco ...2009.09.19 20:04:00
- I'll be there. I'll try to bring friends. Just need to figure out what thine this is est. ...2009.09.13 02:57:00
- 1 Billion. ...2009.09.08 01:39:00
- Buff seems unlikely (except maybe hp switch) with the fleet Typhoon right around the corner. Especia ...2009.09.05 03:33:00
- 1 isk sent with reason 5. ...2009.09.04 19:22:00
- I think that some sections of w-space should have gates connecting them - like say a pair of systems ...2009.09.02 02:14:00
- I've purchased 2 tickets. ...2009.08.28 16:38:00
- 16064x4608 Slash Harnet Best. News. Ever. ...2009.08.26 04:37:00
- I'm quite excited also.Anyone else notice one of the screen shots looks like WiS? Maybe this is comi ...2009.08.18 17:22:00
- LoL, there are worse problems to have. When I started eve you got a less than half a mil SP and gett ...2009.08.16 03:50:00

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