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- i wonder if there will be a big buzz around that system now. the living metal will be a required pa ...2009.02.03 11:09:00
- I can almost see these new T3 trumping both the t1 and t2 that they will either become obsolete and ...2009.01.08 21:30:00
- Edited by: Artelmis on 10/12/2008 10:09:23 yea. i do agree with you on the hardeners thing, but i'v ...2009.01.08 05:00:00
- so how did this idiot get a hold of 1bill let alone 20? someone who handed that much ver could not h ...2008.12.18 18:01:00
- hey, did ccp ever respond to all these angry people? if so, can comeone send me a PM here or in game ...2008.10.17 11:57:00
- Edited by: Helios vector on 14/10/2008 14:37:00 i feel like i was just led into a dark alley by a m ...2008.10.14 14:35:00
- What are the chances that a dev can get his ass from hiding and actuly reply to the playerbase or ar ...2008.10.14 13:26:00
- Because every noob should start with carrier V trained right off the bat, am I right?Eve's skillpoin ...2008.10.14 13:24:00
- Edited by: Helios vector on 14/10/2008 13:14:12 I think you're all just a bunch of whiners!!!! I a ...2008.10.14 13:13:00
- the only way this "bug" fix makes it any fairer, is making a class division between players. Only we ...2008.10.14 13:07:00
- Because you are a producer I can see why you care more about money than your companies image or your ...2008.10.14 13:02:00
- this is really total bull****e! First off, this is the only online game that pretty much takes YEARS ...2008.10.14 12:21:00

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