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- 3/5not a great expansion but definitely not the reason for the massive attack of QQing on the forums ...2011.09.03 15:57:00
- It failed, much like the latest protest and riots in London failed - because most of the rioters wer ...2011.09.03 15:55:00
- There is no way to "joytick fly" a ship in a MMO. not from a programming stand point... problem wi ...2011.09.03 15:51:00
- Please leave the game already. You hate CCP - we got it. You think they can't "Communicate" - quit ...2011.09.03 04:06:00
- Yep very immersive. You dock, magicaly appear straight out of your pod, pod goo is washed off, you e ...2011.08.09 00:04:00
- oh and...MONOCLEYour post makes me want to get a monocle. ...2011.08.07 19:48:00
- Iceland is the world's most feminist country has a lesbian prime minister and banned lap dancing c ...2011.08.06 23:17:00
- Edited by: Raid''En on 05/08/2011 19:06:43 sexual agression is taboo on MMO, and forcing a girl to ...2011.08.06 23:13:00
- they have ruined the game! They have monocles!Actually - I just came back too. I like the new chang ...2011.08.06 21:44:00
- Incarna got me to come back...despite the EVE community. ...2011.08.05 03:26:00
- With all the hub-bub about the changes, I decided to come back. Bought 3 months worth - and I have ...2011.08.02 02:38:00
- I pay for 5 characters. I don't use plexes as I felt previously that you deserved the payments for a ...2010.03.01 03:22:00
- One thing: You could also try looking at the gankers killboard to see if he regularly hangs around c ...2010.02.17 16:53:00
- ok - I've been ganked and their on my kill list. how do I track them down! ...2010.02.17 06:42:00
- Everything is a lesson in EVE.I've learned that you get kill rights so now I know who his partner wa ...2010.02.17 03:54:00

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