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- Edited by: Morolen1 on 11/07/2010 23:20:18 Considering the level of technology in eve, the idea tha ...2010.07.11 23:42:00
- Yes they do. ...2010.02.27 09:21:00
- Edited by: Marine HK4861 on 27/02/2010 09:17:16 The shield skills are already listed in Gavin's pos ...2010.02.27 09:15:00
- EVE politics is so much more fun and interesting than real politics, what with the constant corrupti ...2010.02.11 18:37:00
- Embargo... sounds interesting.and then a customs duty feature. Now that would be wicked.only valid ...2010.02.11 18:28:00
- While in space, to the top right (about an inch and a bit off the actual target box) is a bullseye s ...2010.02.08 21:05:00
- The SP is taken from the last Skills you trained (I believe).As others have stated, the SP is taken ...2010.02.08 19:31:00
- Missile Projection is the better skill as your missiles are in the air for less time, reducing their ...2010.02.08 19:21:00
- Not unless CCP record new dialogue for Aura.There probably is a way by replacing certain sound files ...2010.02.07 17:22:00
- Edited by: Marine HK4861 on 07/02/2010 11:15:43EvE is a sandbox, and as many have pointed put when t ...2010.02.07 11:15:00
- EvE fills a definite niche in the MMO world, and it's positive in a way, because it removes the wo ...2010.02.07 09:48:00
- How about getting a lock isn't actually acquiring the target (you do that almost instantly as the ta ...2010.02.07 09:23:00
- It's capped to 50% of the skill, so it can indeed knock you down a level, which is what the OP repor ...2010.02.05 00:16:00
- Here's the current missile damage formula:Damage = Base_Damage * MIN(MIN(sig/Er,1) , (Ev/Er * sig/ve ...2010.02.05 00:10:00
- Edited by: Marine HK4861 on 28/01/2010 22:01:30If you are docked at the central station you do not n ...2010.01.28 22:01:00

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