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- Edited by: Lirt on 25/04/2008 18:13:41 Your tears: we can haz moar? Ahahah so much flame for nothi ...2008.04.25 18:12:00
- Edited by: Lirt on 25/04/2008 13:43:43 INSRG blamed northerens for napping, now in order to win the ...2008.04.25 13:43:00
- Baby Jesus is crying in haven with all these BoB cheering on INSR. At last a BOB member with some p ...2008.04.23 18:28:00
- Edited by: Lirt on 22/04/2008 21:07:36 Thol will spank me for saying this but GO INSURGENCY!!!!Jus ...2008.04.22 21:06:00
- All those posts are hillarious, those noob spies cant even do the job right, you really think Mr Tro ...2008.04.14 14:50:00
- You guys are way too serious... ...2008.04.01 17:51:00
- Edited by: Lirt on 28/03/2008 13:09:15 I look forward to New Eden being SPAM free when I make my fi ...2008.03.28 13:09:00
- Edited by: Lirt on 28/03/2008 10:37:31 EVE Garbage Collectors cold-heart bureaucraters... Why woul ...2008.03.28 10:36:00
- Come on CCP its so cool in New Eden system with all those containers and the various 'whats the mean ...2008.03.28 10:24:00
- Well that made me spit my drink. Not even close to the real facts. Where do people come up with thi ...2008.03.17 04:08:00
- This thread has way too many CCP responses, it needs some kind of nerfing, like... moderated posts. ...2008.03.17 04:00:00
- Edited by: Lirt on 17/03/2008 01:12:19 Actually eve is losing many new players. Way too many. Maybe ...2008.03.17 01:11:00
- Ok good ones have to be said. I dont know what you did maybe its the missile effects option but im g ...2008.03.17 01:06:00
- topic is about minmatar not caldari, rofl Ur dumber than a bag of hammers if you think that only min ...2008.03.14 14:38:00
- Well CCP doesn't play caldari. We know that for some time now... ...2008.03.14 14:32:00

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