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- For me it's global agenda this month, or until I get bored. Waiting for guild wars 2 but will probab ...2011.06.29 21:25:00
- lol, European airlinesTime for the great land of ice to annihilate modern transport. Again ...2011.02.11 23:58:00
- Bree!It is done ...2011.01.05 19:10:00
- We are going to be able to design clothes and sell them, at least that was the first plan according ...2011.01.05 09:59:00
- Don't get galaxy s, gps is crap, locks up and goes through batteries like crazy.Wish I got a HTC ...2010.12.31 03:11:00
- I hope they use the iD 4 engine now zenimax has bought they out as the gamebryo engine is a bag of s ...2010.12.13 23:47:00
- Edited by: Brolly on 24/11/2010 14:16:24 Brolly 201,167,163,149,138,126,124,101,94,85,64,56,19,6,1 ...2010.11.24 14:16:00
- I'm going to wait for the goty edition with all expansions instead of wasting cash on dlc, same with ...2010.10.09 22:54:00
- I must thank all you no brainer idiots posting the same generic points to point out my own. This gam ...2010.10.08 21:18:00
- That was fantastic, will probably get the DVD :D ...2010.10.08 16:02:00
- It would be nice if CCP had section where people could have an intelligent conversation, speak posit ...2010.10.08 15:18:00
- Yey, good excuse to upgrade from this aging 8800GTS, granted it has SM 3 support, but I'm bored of i ...2010.10.08 14:34:00
- lol, whiny bastards.If you don't like it, find something else. The forums will be a better place for ...2010.10.07 15:10:00
- Thanks for that nugget of information, wasn't aware you could do that. Has saved me time and a horri ...2010.10.06 15:18:00
- No big deal imho, it's not as though you can buy 5 mill sp with plex.....yet ...2010.10.06 14:49:00

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