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- How about you discuss or have an opinion on the topic of this thread and I'll be happy to respond.^ ...2011.04.16 07:10:00
- Character creator....Things that should not be permanent and whyHair style, I cut my hair from time ...2011.02.15 12:47:00
- Some fixes I'd like to see...1. Address book watch list to actually update when people are offline. ...2011.02.15 12:37:00
- Please accept my apologies in advance. Would love to use your torrent, but am such a noob that I don ...2011.01.18 19:24:00
- Edited by: Rose Nye on 18/01/2011 19:28:24 PTard ...2011.01.18 19:21:00
- We are currently investigating issues with the Mac patch and will provide details shortly.Any update ...2011.01.18 18:24:00
- Edited by: Rose Nye on 18/01/2011 18:12:07 PTang Originally by: Rose Nye Big download too! 1500+ ...2011.01.18 18:04:00
- Big download too! 1500+ Mb.Cant comment on the char generator, but judging by these comments, I'll b ...2011.01.18 17:01:00
- Alert Typo:User Interface Context menu options for remote selling and contract cretion were tempora ...2010.12.11 01:08:00
- Edited by: Rose Nye on 02/09/2010 15:55:02Someone cut some wires in your implants?We connect using t ...2010.09.02 15:50:00
- Edited by: Rose Nye on 02/09/2010 12:33:42 They dont fix 3rd party stuff? Surely they (CCP) are g ...2010.09.02 12:33:00
- Ok, So I just read the patch notes for Tyrannis 1.0.5 currently being deployed today. What I see are ...2010.09.02 12:29:00
- Undermined yourselves by spamming the **** out of every local channel possible. HONOURWARRIOR > HYD ...2010.07.12 18:20:00
- Patch tomorrow if you can wait. Let everyone else raise the issues and guys, The GMT thing, getting ...2009.12.01 18:11:00

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